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Vin Morreale, Jr's latest book
300 MONOLOGUES is now available to order.  Whether you are a new actor or seasoned professional, serious actor or comedic genius, this challenging collection of character voices will help you develop greater range and enhance your audition technique. Perfect for schools, showcases, and demo reels
Vin Morreale, Jr's 300 Monologues brings the excitment of fresh material to every actor's repertoire

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Academy Arts offers a variety of 5 hour workshops as listed below.  Everyone who attends will take part in atleast 3 short scenes with different acting partners. It will be lots of fun for new and professional actors alike. Classes will cover auditioning techniques, improvisation, proper video submissions, and answers to questions about the difference in auditioning styles for regional and major markets.  Burning up The Stage Workshops are open to new and experienced actors, age 14 and up.

Academy Arts can offer seperate childrens workshops as well.

Monologues  are among the most important tools for building a character from the inside out. Some of the most memorable scenes use a short monologue to reveal far more about a characters feelings, relationships, and motovation. Learning to MASTER THE MONOLOGUE can take your acting to the next level.

In film and video there is only one audience member that really matters. The camera has to feel what you feel, understand what you hunger for, and capture the pain or joy in every glance. That complexity is what Captivating the Camera is all about, Giving a performance that is so complete and so compelling, the camera cant look away.  
Building Screen Chemistry and Deeper Characterization

A great performance is not just how  well you deliver your lines, its about creating a special relationshiop with other characters, as well as your audience. Pulling them into the intensity of the scene, and making them feel for your character.  This workshop will teach you to Build Screen Chemistry and Deper Characterization.
The top actors know that every time you take the stage or appear on camera is an opprotunity to Steal the Scene- giving a performance that is so complete and so compelling, your audience cant look away. This is especially important during an audition, when you only have a few minutes to capture the directors attention.

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